Notice everything you have and there are no problems

I guess for Los Angeles problems and first world problems it was a crazy few days.  On Thursday night right before the big Chanukah party outside it literally poured down rain, for 5 minutes.  The pouring was so intense, everybody in Los Angeles just did not know what to do, it was a whole outfit change, it came out of nowhere, and when we arrived at the party with coats, umbrellas, and boots, it was probably not as packed as it would have been if there was no rain that night.  It was so much fun, we got home at 10pm, kids went to bed way past their bed time, had a blast, after all holidays are a time to step out of routine and indulge.

Friday was just nuts, we are getting some stuff done at our place, so we had to temporarily move, had guests for Shabbat Friday night, my husband cooked everything at our place, its hard in a new kitchen, luckily family let us have their place while they are out of town.  To top it all off my oldest had a piano lesson pretty late in the afternoon, and I realized we had to be home quickly because we had to light Chanukah candles before Shabbat candles, we made it, it was all beautiful, grateful.

Today our early risers got up their usual 6am, so we were trying to keep them as quiet as possible since we are on the second floor, with their feet and their voices.  We spent most of the day at our synagogue with good friends, good lessons, and good food.  I want to share one of the lessons of the week with you below.

Your talents can be a curse or a gift, depending on how you use them, whether you are their master or servant. When Joseph shows off his dreams to his brothers, he ends up in a pit, from height to depth, because of selfishness, carelessness. But when he uses the same talent of interpreting dreams to help a man in prison, he rises up to a prince in the palace, from depth to height. Beauty, wealth, intelligence, compassion, eloquence, are all gifts, that are like stem cells, expressing themselves differently depending on how they are used. Each of us, deep within, carries the seeds of talents that have the capacity to heal the world. When used to take, for selfish causes, they destroy, and when used to serve, to mend, an angel appears. May we learn to transform our weaknesses to strengths, to master our talents, to use them to benefit others. Amen.

Two more nights of Chanukah,

Tons of parties tomorrow,

How will we get it all in?

It was so windy today, sunny but cold for us LA folks,

There are no problems,

Chag Sameach,

Shavua Tov,

Coach Yulia






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