Last Night of Chanukah – Grand Finale

4,000 balloons were placed in the lobby of the pediatric center and initiative named “hope and cure” 22.5 feet designed by volunteers in the shape of a giant Menorah/ Chanukiah for Hanukkah which delighted the children.
 Excited for a non stop Chanukah extravaganza, ending this fun holiday with tons of parties, friends, food for the eighth and last night.  Here are a few of the events going on today, and we also have two house parties tonight, my kids are going to know how to party hop!
12pm-3pm Chabad of Simcha Monica
One more party and a great video below,
Party On,
Chag Sameach,
Happy Chanukah,
Tonight Menorah’s will be shining brighter than ever with all eight candles,
Coach Yulia




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