My night is not over yet

I am determined to have fun!  This morning I was part of an amazing event supporting our community in health and fitness.  I always say if you do not take time to take care of yourself, who will do it for you?  I met so many wonderful people, so excited to connect, everything in life is about connection.  Sometimes the connection fits, sometimes it doesn’t and that it all OK, we just have to stay open, that is when it is inevitable that we will find the right fit.  This applies to everything in life.

My kids woke up super early today, I really wanted to drag them with me all around town to different Chanukah events, but when I got home from the health and fitness expo, I was so tired, so I took a nap.

Once I woke up, I dragged two of my kids just in tiIMG_3617[1]me to a fun event closeby, they got to make doughnuts, which is an Israeli way to celebrate Chanukah, they are called sufganiyot.  My daughter wanted face paint, but I convinced her to get something nice on her hand instead.  We saw the beautiful lighting of the Menorah, there were LAPD standing close by for protection, I am so grateful that we could continue our traditions, and have safety and support.

Now we all lit our own menorahs, and getting kids ready for bed, my husband wants to relax, and I want to go out.  Luckily there is so much going on, and in Universal Studios tonight there is a huge Chanukah celebration with an amazing singer, Gad Elbaz, and I have family and friends in town.

Chanukah Time is Party Time,

Chag Sameach,

Happy Chanukah,

Coach Yulia




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