Reaction and Action

Shabbat is around the corner, and it makes me so happy, and so grateful that my kids understand the concept of turning off the world and all electronics for whole 24 hour period.  My brain is still learning everything I can from the recent massacre in San Bernadino, and it is interesting to see it unfold and read reactions.  Someone pointed out that an attack similar to this happened not too long ago,

Stacey Patton
I don’t get why a young married couple, with a 6-month-old daughter, would show up at an office Christmas party, suddenly leave, go put on masks and military gear, grab an arsenal of weapons and then come back shoot the place up.
Afshine Emrani
The ultimate act of terror: According to @MiriMichaeli: “‪#‎Paris‬ police orders‪#‎Chabad‬ to cancel public ‪#‎Hanukkah‬ candle lighting in the city… Efforts are in place to approve a candlelighting at the Eiffel Tower,Paris,France” Jews light candles not only in public, but we are commanded to place the candles in our windows to light up the world, to penetrate darkness, and to give hope to all who feel desperate and have forgotten that miracles exist. The terrorists will never shut down our light with their darkness. Jews of Paris- do not fear- we will light candles for you and you will be in our hearts.
I just saw this!
Let’s Be The Light For Our Brothers and Sisters Around the World,
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia
BREAKING NEWS: The woman who helped carry out the San Bernardino shooting had pledged allegiance to ISIS on Facebook
Marsha Feigen So his coworker was correct when he said the wife led him into it. Maybe it was why she married him to get into into U.S. this is what they may be up to now.

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