I was going to write about birth

My computer was upgraded today, I just got it back, and instead of writing about birth, the only thing on my mind is senseless death.  I have been following the San Bernadino shooting on my phone through social media, and it is amazing the variety of responses, some made me sad, some taught me something new.  I also listened on the radio while driving to and from work, and earlier this evening they didn’t want to confirm anything, and once I got home, I saw some facts coming in.

Here are a variety of social media responses.

  • a woman is more scared that our country is not calling this terrorism, than of the actual attack
  • one man pointed out the Eagles of Death band that was targeted in Paris, has a song about San Bernadino
  • Many people before any confirmation were sure it was a white, christian, psychopath
  • Everyone is talking about guns, and the one that makes sense to me is that everyone agrees to have mandatory background checks, and not allow assault style weapons, ban high-capacity ammunition clips, and a federal database to track gun sales, why is this not turned into law immediately?
  • One woman was worried about her husband, he was in that meeting, and she had not heard from him
  • Another friend shared that her mother and her brother were invited to that party but declined due to other plans
  • One woman was sad that he was a fellow state employee

If you haven’t heard the UK has approved to join the fight against ISIS in Syria.  There are also a few amazing articles that I am going to share on the Jewish perspective of moving to a new place with no demands just contribution, and also how there was a time in Israel where there was more communication with the Palestinian people, and it is so sad that now it is just hatred and violence.  We are both there, we have to learn to live side by side, as we try to in the United States of America.



“There will be no peace and no reconciliation until we can all learn to appreciate that the only way we can live in this land with security is when we cease to see the others living here as our permanent enemy.”

An amazing soldier below shows us how to be human,

We are all in this together,

Coach Yulia



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