Today I made a mistake, luckily I was able to figure out a solution, not even worth going into detail about, but I always look at mistakes as an opportunity to solve the problem.  I do not feel bad about making mistakes, sure I try to think why it happened, maybe I should have asked more questions, maybe I misunderstood, was not clear, or even assumed when I should not have.  Ultimately all we can do is learn from our mistakes, and as my father said, not make the same mistake twice, because then it is not a mistake anymore.

I have no regrets in life, I am an open book, there is no worry, just complete presence to reality, gratitude, and constant hustling to keep it all flowing.  What I love the most is that I am surrounded by like minded people, or people that want to live in truth, facing life, are open to learning and growing.  When you live this way truth always wins.

I wish everybody could visit Israel, then you would see the truth, just like this amazing post that I saw this morning.

Alan Silver
200 students, professors, and people with influence, from Germany, have arrived in Israel to see things for themselves.

Israel has started a new campaign in bringing in people to Israel to show them the true situation here in Israel. They we I’ll be taken on a tour of the Holy sites, museums, and also to meet the people of the country. They will also be taken to the settlements, and be shown the industries of Yehuda and Shomron and the employment of Palestinians in the work force. They will get to meet them and talk to them and to get first hand impressions of the situation here and not only see what the Palestinians depict in the world media.

They will be taken to the Knesset and meet Arab judges of the justice system, as well as meet Arab doctors and staff in our hospitals.

I think this is in the right way to go about our public relations campaign to get the truth out of what is really going on here in Israel. That Israel is not a monster state.


All we can do is seek truth, live truth, be truth, spread truth,

Embrace life, living, relationships, connections, communication,

I love truth, because there is only one truth,

Coach Yulia


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