The Holiday Season is about Light

Today is Giving Tuesday, after all the non stop shopping, this day is about giving back.  I do find it funny that many of the Black Friday deals started early Thanksgiving day, and instead of Cyber Monday, they are saying it is Cyber week, I get it, we all gotta hustle.

I love that the holidays bring out kindness, and people really want to make a difference not only in the world, but on a one on one basis.  One of my friends posted something so beautiful, and I wanted to share.

Christmas has never been my thing. No reason, no trauma, it’s just not my favorite. But we did this a few years ago and it totally turned things around for me.

My version looks a little bit different. But however it looks for you…just do it. Mateo LOVES this. We started this on Sunday. We always leave something on a windshield of a car parked at a restaurant in the Tejon Pass. Who wants to join me? Just do one day, Just one thing. You won’t regret it!


I love that the awareness of giving back is magnified this time of year, of course it would be nice if every person did this every day, maybe that is a resolution we can all take on.  The beauty is that it only takes one person to be a light, and it ignites everyone else around.  We celebrate Chanukah which is all about lighting up our dark world, and I was telling my sun that all the lights that are up for the holidays, are also up because its winter time.  n Los Angeles we don’t really feel as cold and dark as in other places, but I was telling him that the lights really uplift peoples moods in the winter time, they are winter lights.

Be The Light,

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
Persian poet Hafez: “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being.” You don’t know your own power. 60 years ago, today, a woman refusing to give up her bus seat, with a smile, no weapons, changed history forever. This is how radical love works. ‪#‎RosaParks‬
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Our tradition teaches us always to light candles, never to blow them out. When you realize how many times nations tried to destroy the few Jews in the world, and how often the Hand of God protected us, then you undertand the miracle of that light, and that we still tell the story of a candle 2000 years later. Last night Db was teaching me what the Hebrew letters on the dreidel mean, and the direction we light the candles. Be the light.
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