1. (of light or color) very bright and radiant.
    synonyms: bright, shining, blazing, dazzling, vivid, intense, gleaming, glaring,luminous, radiant; More

  2. exceptionally clever or talented.
    “a brilliant young mathematician”
    3.    a diamond of brilliant cut.


If you notice the last definition, it means diamond, brilliant is how we say diamond in Russian, and it is one of my favorite words.  As much as I love to blog and express myself, sometimes the thoughts in my head cannot find words.  When I read a beautiful story, or somebody shares their thoughts in a unique, clear, and passionate way, it is simply brilliant.  I want to share a few with you, I hope you get as much pleasure as I did.

Afshine Emrani
Letting go of the noise inside our head is difficult, and to stop the traffic of the drums that warn of possible upcoming battles even more challenging. Fear constantly grabs our attention, diminishing the capacity to love; ego dulls our senses. This is why we can walk past beauty and remain completely oblivious, why we can hear but not listen, look but not see. Love requires overcoming fear and ego- to be fully present, to give another the present of our soul. In the stunning words of Mary Oliver: “This is the first, wildest, and wisest thing I know, that the soul exists and that it is built entirely out of attentiveness.”
They say hurt people hurt people. Although that may be true of the majority, there is a group of hurt people who through hard work and therapy, break the cycle of violence. Still, what amazes me is the rarer third group of hurt people who not only overcome, but having arrived at the top of the mountain, turn around to help pull others up. These are hurt people who help people. Our tradition says of them that they stand where no righteous person can stand, because they effectively right a wrong. All of us carry pains of inadvertent hurt, from lost love in our formative years, but those who can elevate the hurt into healing become saints. This Shabbat, as you light your candles, forgive your inner child for life’s traumas, and let go of the dark looming shadows. As you fill your soul with love and light, pray that you too can be an angel to another less fortunate, and by sharing your light both heal the other and yourself.

Today we have been celebrating my husband’s birthday,

Tonight we are getting ready to go out and celebrate some more with friends,

Life is going to keep going, ups and downs, it is part of it all, the downs make us clearly see the ups,

There is no perfection,

We would be bored,

Be open to life,

Coach Yulia

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