Signs Are Everywere

I wrote yesterday about the beauty of nature and how it takes my breath away, every time, its like seeing it for the first time, my natural high just goes through the roof.  I used to really be into seeing 11:11 everywhere, I am born on October 11, and I just connect to that number.  I read that it is a special, spiritual number, and I would get all giddy when I would see it, it would be a sign that things are good.

In Judaism the number 18 is very special, each Hebrew letter has a numerical value, and the letters that make up the number 18 spell Chai, which in Hebrew means life.  There is a family of eight kids that lost their mother around two years ago, and the father keeps on seeing the number 18 everywhere, he calls it winks from heaven.

I am in a place in my life where there are symbols, signs, nature, miracles, beautiful coincidences that I know all manifested themselves in exactly the right way, are always clear, revealed, and obvious.

In this beautiful season of thankfulness and light, I wish for every human being to start clearly seeing their blessings, being aware of miracles happening right in front of them, and acknowledging and connecting to the revealed good in their lives.

What gives you a natural high?

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


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