I Am Thankful Everyday

Thank you for capturing the amazing moon last night, Afshine Emrani.

I saw this moon last night as I was driving from teaching one class to another and I literally squealed with delight.  I am in constant joy and awareness of our extraordinary surroundings, and am in awe of how the world, our bodies, and our daily lives operate, moment by moment, with our breath, that never stops, until it does.

Today I am reading about what everyone is thankful for, it is so nice to see families together, delicious food, and expressions of what people are grateful for.   Today in Israel there was a huge wedding that the world was invited to, last week right before the wedding was supposed to take place, the bride to be’s father and brother got murdered by terrorists, so the wedding had to be postponed so she could mourn her immediate family.  I am posting a video of the wedding at the end of the blog, it is two hours, amazing, life goes on, celebrations continue, I am thankful for the resilience and fortitude of the Jewish people, we keep living, embracing life, each other, and the future.

I also see people writing about how for some people this is a sad time, they may not have family, or have loved ones that have passed on.  Four years ago today my husband’s father passed away, we remember him with prayers, a candle, and celebrations of his life.

What am I thankful for?

Today was a day of all the kids home from school, teaching a Yoga and Pilates classe, picking up my mother in law, no time for me, a little bit of a sore throat, a great Thanksgiving dinner with a new extended family since my brother in law got married.  I am most Thankful for the kids going to sleep, and having some quiet time to put down my thoughts, feelings, musings, hopes, dreams to share with you in this blog.

I love time to myself, to sleep, to exercise, to pamper myself, to just have peace and quiet, and my favorite, to take a nap.  Even before marriage and kids, time with myself is my favorite.  I love being social, I love friends and family, going out, celebrations, but the recharge is essential for my balance and well being, I would rather spend time with me than with anyone else.



Then you will be able to give to everyone and everything in your life,

If you do not put yourself first, who else will do it for you?

Coach Yulia



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