You Gotta Work!


Here is a fun shot from the Love Your Body Fashion Show by Karen Michelle, my daughter is in the colorful outfit, and her cousin is on my other arm.  She did have fun getting her hair pressed, which was her preference, and some glitter makeup on the eyes, she was squeezing me tight when we first walked out, but then she worked it the rest of the show.  She is much more of a girly girl than I am, and I feel it is important to enjoy all the aspects of womanhood, the hair, the makeup, and then feel good about yourself, walk in confidence, and most of all have fun.

I just read an article about Kim Kardashian, she is a month away from her due date, and her baby is breech, she is doing her research, and is being supported by amazing doctors that I have had the honor to work with and know.  She does not want a cesarean section, her doctor is trained in breech birth, she just saw a documentary by Dr. Berlin, Heads Up, who is an amazing Chiropractor that specializes in aligning the body to turn breech babies.  Makes me proud as a mom, woman, Doula, and Diva, that on one hand she seems surrounded by materialistic everything, but as a mother and a woman, she is in touch and knows her options, and is publicly making women aware that they have options too.

Mom, Woman, Doula, Diva,

Coach Yulia

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