I am so excited to be a sponsor of an amazing women’s event that supports and encourages our community to be healthy, take care of themselves, take an active part and take time out for their own health and fitness, so they can be there for everyone and everything else in their life. You can still join, or support an amazing school in our community, or just come to see the healthy living expo and bring your kids!

Speaking of kids, mine are home because of the Thanksgiving holiday, my older two have the whole week off.  I have been so lucky to coordinate some play dates, but other than that, I am dragging them around, or my husband, and then I am trying my best to throw in some fun.  I decided to take the kids to a real arcade, and it was a little overwhelming, from all the noises, to the concept of how to operate all the buttons and handles, to getting out quick because its all new.  All they have done before is watch someone playing Super Mario Brothers on You Tube, and loving watching the game, not really understanding the concept of playing themselves.  On one hand it was fun, on the other hand it was a bit frustrating for all of us, but glad I introduced them to the way it was, not constant hours on your own device, but an event, old school.

I was happy to see that John Kerry acknowledged that violence is never the right answer, you can listen to an National Public Radio segment below.

Hopefully this is the beginning of something,

Coach Yulia














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