This makes so much sense to me the video above and the post below, when tragedy is around us, we bind together, help each other, our humanity is expressed freely.

Afshine Emrani
All I needed to know, I learned watching my kids rock climb. 

1- There is no competition; everyone is rooting for you to get to the top.
2- Everyone is a student and a teacher; we all have something to offer.
3- No one asks your age, color, gender, religion; just climb.
4- If your legs get tired, someone will hold you up to rest.
5- If you lose footing, many will try to show you the way.
6- Regardless of how you get back down, someone will high five you.
7- There’s always someone to help get your gears on, and put them away.
8- Don’t rush, there’s more time.
9- If people believe in you, you will believe in yourself, you will climb further.
10- When you get tired, a cold drink and a nap is around the corner.
And the bonus lesson:
11- Even if you fall, there is a harness holding you and you will be safe.
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It became clear to me how to articulate to the world of how to stop all the violence, hatred, blame, and attacks.  Forget about names of countries, just think about the human beings that are trying to live normal, everyday lives, and the governments that do not allow or stand up for the people, instead they promote a violent mission to kill and to die.  Exactly what happened in France and Belgium will unfortunately keep happening until the international community stands together against extremism, radicals, hate speech, and condemns violence against innocent civilians everywhere in the world.
In loving memory of the recent young victims in Israel,
Ezra Shwartz, 18
Hadar Buchris, 21
Coach Yulia

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