“In the dizzying words of Mary Oliver God is invisible, but holiness is visible”

We all have our paths, goals, backgrounds, philosophies, dreams, and we all connect differently to each other and to our purpose in this world.  Before I met my husband and started living a more observant life, I was still connected, I was always connected,  I called it my gut, I just knew to always listen to my deep down reactions and feelings.  Some people call it the Universe, some people call it the Law of Attraction, and others call it God, it is really all the same thing. It seems to me that people that have a connected with something deeper within themselves and not just materialistic and physical aspirations, are happier, and you can feel that vibe, energy, glow, whatever you want to call it.  The opposite is also true, when someone is down, besides a tragedy or something that is out of our control, sometimes on the outside it seems like a person has everything, but on the inside it is never enough.  The title of this blog makes me think of the happiness you see in people, real happiness, contagious happiness, it is a deep connection, whatever you want to call it, it is definitely visible.

Here is some deep Jewish thought to end your week with:

Afshine Emrani

Those who hate you can’t diminish you without your permission.
Those who love you can’t elevate you without your permission.
People’s control over you is limited to your consent.
The key to how you feel is in your hands; guard it safely.

Life is holy; life is sacred, more than books, more than words, more than customs. As a spiritual person, I have struggled with why Mount Sinai which was the place of revelation is not considered holy, but Mount Moriah where the binding of Isaac took place is holy. Imagine drowning in an ocean and you find a piece of log to float and a lighthouse to guide you, to see you ashore. You may be tempted to pray to the log, but it was a means of saving your life. Our Holy Books too are a means of helping us survive the crashing waves of a difficult life. It is not the Book that is holy, nor the log, nor the mountain, nor the lighthouse, but holiness is created in saving a life, when we realize The Source of Light and Love wants us to love each other, and help each other survive challenges. The holiness of Mount Moriah happened when Isaac’s life was saved. In the dizzying words of Mary Oliver God is invisible, but holiness is visible. Books are guides and when used to kill or hurt life, they become unholy and hurt God. Holiness is in the sanctification of life. May all children of Abraham learn to respect life above books or their interpretation of books. Amen.

The sign in the parking lot said that cellphones were not allowed inside, so I left mine in the car.

I was meeting with some people yesterday that wanted guidance and direction and I was happy to offer my help. The security at their site did not allow for gadgets to be brought along so I reluctantly left it behind.

At first we made light talk but then it got more serious. We talked about life, and the particular challenges they face in their environment and life.

As I engaged them in conversation I noticed something unique. I found myself being fully present in every facet of the conversation on a higher than average level.

Was it the peculiarity of the place, the mere change of scenery, or perhaps the empathy for the issues they raised?

I could not pinpoint the cause yet the effect was crystal clear. I was experiencing moments of connection and focus without any semblance of distraction or blur.

As I walked back to my car looking forward to reconnecting with my phone, it all became apparent and clear. The rules requiring that I leave the cell phone behind had set me free for some time.

In a strange and ironic twist, being bound the rules, had unbound me for some time. The limits had created the opportunity for being limitless.

As I found myself once again bound to my gadget, I wondered when the next opportunity for clarity and serenity would present itself.

And then I remembered….it’s almost Shabbos.

Thank you G-d for that amazing gift.

Shabbat Shalom

Coach Yulia


No world outcry, no condemnation, five innocent civilians targeted with terror, Israel is under attack every day, when will the world see that if they do not stand up for Israel, what happened in Paris will keep happening everywhere, https://behindthenewsisrael.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/five-civilians-murdered-in-day-of-terror/


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