The Truth About Israel

I am going to keep on finding examples where people educate themselves, and see that Israel is the only democracy in the region.  A few days ago I posted a video about how ISIS came to be, so many nations took sides, Israel had nothing to do with it, they were busy protecting their own border with Syria.  What I love most about Israel is that although they experience daily attacks, sometimes on the scale of Paris, the Jewish people mourn their loved ones, and the best way they can honor them is to go on with their lives.

A year ago today, terrorists entered a Jerusalem synagogue during morning prayers. Armed with axes, meat cleavers and a gun, the terrorists murdered 5 worshippers and a policeman. We remember the victims, mourn their loss and remain defiant in the face of terror.

This is an interesting perspective about the 1972 murder of the 11 Israeli Olympic team members in Germany, maybe if the world had taken the threat of terrorism seriously then, it would not have escalated to 911 and the recent Paris attacks.

My friend had a ticket for his Paris vacation for November 16, he is there now, and I love his latest post:

Ramon Alvarado added 12 new photos to the album: Paris is Alive.
Despite the many misgivings about visiting this incredible city after religious radicals decided to spread chaos & fear, I decided that I would not personally live in fear, and that I would not change my plans. People are resilient. 

After having lived in great cities like New York, Los Angeles, and others, I have seen many disasters unfold within them and know that the greatness of a city is directly proportionate to the innovation and fearlessness of its inhabitants. If Hitler and his military might didn’t bring down Paris, then neither will the fractured anti-Western cult of radical Islam.
Life is so very brief, and our end can meet us anywhere, and at anytime. I believe in living to the fullest & in having enough calculated risk in my life to remain ALIVE! So here I am..

Here is a beautiful tribute from a man who lost his wife in the Paris attacks,

Keep Living,

Keep Loving,

That’s how we stand together and defeat extremism,

Coach Yulia

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