Personal Creation

I remember learning in a high school psychology class about basic needs, food, shelter, and security.  Once we have that, we are able to delve deeper into ourselves and become our purpose in this world.  I love when I see artists, music, art and amazing doctors, lawyers, engineers, and everything else out there where the person really connects to and is passionate about what they do.

Life is meant to be challenging, that is how we grow and really appreciate the ups because we can compare and contrast them from the downs.  Every human life is a world of possibility, so let’ uplift, inspire, and motivate each other to keep striving for our unique purpose in this world.

Afshine Emrani
The trouble with extremism is that you become blind to the glorious world in which we live, filled with wonder, pulsating with miracles. We are distracted from nature’s beauty patiently awaiting to seduce our senses. When there is a natural disaster, a flood, an earthquake, we all come together as one, united as members of the human race. But, the extremists not only make us hate them, they plant the seed of hatred in our hearts and we grow dark and fight each other, even our friends; they split us, and divided we fall. We can’t afford to fall- but in love; we must stand, straight up and refuse to stab each other emotionally. We declare loud and clear that our souls are much older than the colors of our skin or our mother’s religion, or the countries of our birth. We must elevate the internet and social media which have brought all of us into each others’ living rooms- not to fight but to love, not to push away but to hold dear. Do not give them the satisfaction of falling pray to terror. If we are filled with fear, narrowness and ugliness, they become the winners. If we reach out to each other, show respect, love, kindness and point out the beauty in the other, they will be destroyed. I have faith that in the immortal words of MLK, only the light within our heart will drive out the darkness in this world. Amen.
Let there be light!
Coach Yulia

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