I didn’t hear about France until after I wrote my blog yesterday

This was my main message yesterday, written in my blog, and so sad that it rang true,

“The whole international community needs to get together to condemn and distinguish the radicals, it may start with singling out Jews, but trust me, it will not stop there.”

Another writer has some harsh truths for everyone to think about :

Afshine Emrani
One attack in Paris and all profiles are changed to colors of France; Jerusalem is under the same attack daily for the past month and where are the colors of Israel?
If you ‪#‎prayforParis‬ but don’t ‪#‎prayforIsrael‬ you are nothing but a hypocrite.
Last night, ‪#‎LOVE‬ was murdered, romance killed, fear forced. Now, the holiest city of ‪#‎Jerusalem‬ and the sexiest city of ‪#‎Paris‬ tremble with terror. Our tradition teaches, and lest we forget, that evil is always around us. Our job is not to make this world perfect, but to build bridges with those who harbor love in their hearts and together mend an ailing world. We will always experience setbacks, but we must never give up. Stand up to evil. Speak up for goodness. Hold hands of love. Holiness is in seeing beauty when others focus on the ugly, in believing in a better world when others tire, in not losing faith in the Grace of a good God wanting us to succeed against those who want to bring darkness into this world. Never despair. Get up. Kiss your loved ones. Be grateful for your blessings. Light a candle to defy darkness. Pray for all decent people of the world regardless of color or creed. Remember, there are far, far more good people than there are destroyers. Practice holiness. Practice love. We shall overcome. Shavua Tov.
This definitely feels like the 911 of France, and it makes me so sad, but I will not put the flag, just like I didn’t put the flag of Israel.  I feel we need to do more than jump on a bandwagon, and with my voice I can raise awareness, spread the truth, and get the United States of America to call it what it is, radical Islam, everybody has to be on board, we have to all be in it together.
Another thing we can do is exactly what the people of Israel do, go on with our lives, have no fear, live in the moment, stand for peace, bring light into the world.  My daughter and I are modeling in a fashion show for the women in our community, and I am excited, join us if you can admission is free, https://www.karenmichelle.com/event?event=LYBFS.
Let us all stand together for peace, light, love, and tolerance,
Coach Yulia

Thank you courageous Muslims who stared #NotInMyName to show solidarity with victims of ISIS attacks and to stand against those who violate Islam through vile terror.

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