We always stand out, and now we stand proud and tall


I find this quote very powerful, because everybody is allowed to feel how they feel, so I am trying to open my mind, have conversations and really listen to what is the request of the Palestinian people.  What I also would like is that the world really listen to the Jewish people, and what is happening with the EU labeling Israeli products, and students on college campuses blaming Jews for high tuition costs is scary and ridiculous.  For some reason people love jumping on having a scapegoat, someone to blame, an throughout history, and today it is the Jewish people.  An innocent man got stabbed in Milan, a family was attacked and murdered in Israel, they were heading to celebrate their daughter’s engagement.  Civilian lives are attacked on a daily basis, and not only Jewish lives, in Lebanon at rush hour in a busy civilian area there was an attack.  The whole international community needs to get together to condemn and distinguish the radicals, it may start with singling out Jews, but trust me, it will not stop there.

There is a big difference between the modern times and before.  Today Israel is the Jewish home, and Jewish people all over the world are happy to stand out, live their culture and traditions freely, and contribute to each society they live in.  One of my favorite stories is a wine manufacturer in Israel proudly displayed the Israeli flag on the cap, proudly labeling themselves.


No matter what the world does,

Israel will exist,

The Jewish people will survive,

Shabbat Shaom,

Coach Yulia


Am Yisroel Chai


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