Find Your Gifts

I have a good friend from New Orleans that shared this amazing video about Allen Toussaint that just passed away.  Give yourself an hour, and enjoy the history of music and what an impact this amazing artist has had on the music we love today.  I am fascinated by artists, what roots they came from, and how they tap into their creativity.  My mother is a musician, my son is taking piano lessons, and really getting it, the notes, rhythms, chords, and timing, I cannot get enough of how people connect to music, how they find music, how they intuitively understand the language of music.

I enjoy dancing, beats, and listening to music, but other than that the composing, the ear, tone, really feeling it was not my gift in this world.  Which is all good, I am so grateful for my gifts, and excited to see how my children will thrive.  There is enough for everybody, we are all unique, so lets appreciate each other, uplift each other, and learn about each other.

It is good to be different,

Find Your Gifts,

Find Your Path,

Listen and Learn,

Trust Your Gut,

Be You,

It’s the only you that the world will ever have,

Coach Yulia


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