I found this chart fascinating, there are so many variations, but it just boils down to a few specific truths.  It feels so good to know exactly where I stand, where I am going, proud of my kids, blessed in my marriage, and just grateful for every morsel.  I have some allergies and some super dry skin, and my kids too have some dry coughs and lips, but other than that we are happy and enjoying life.  You just get through it, everything comes and goes, so we are having chicken soup, tea with honey, chapstick, lotion, just trying to get as comfortable as possible, and still go on with everyday life.

I had two amazing Yoga classes this morning, so amazing to be appreciated, and to self express, to let the words flow and be understood and expressed in each person’s unique way.  Then had some homemade chicken soup for lunch, and decided to just take it easy. My busy week starts tomorrow, and sometimes letting your body rest and heal should be squeezed into your schedule.  Once the kids got home, they were happy to do their homework, all ate dinner nicely, and were happily reporting to me when they were going out of their way to be nice to each other.  After they went to bed hung out with my husband watching a show, and now just writing and feeling overflowing with goodness.

On Sunday we hung out at the Pro Israel rally, my kids got some flags, they did not get the enormity of it, but they told me they love Israel, and that is exactly how Jewish people feel about the only land that we can just be ourselves.

If you have time enjoy the video below, it is very informative, and if you know people that want to learn about the conflict in the middle east, this would be a good place to start.

Grateful For My Roots,

Grateful For My Voice,

Grateful For Everything,

Coach Yulia


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