Maybe this is my mission in this world

It is amazing how pregnancy, birth, and post partum is viewed in other countries.  One woman was telling me about France having a mandatory program for women helping them strengthen their pelvic floor, core, kegel, and uterus.  I heard that in China women are taken care of for a month after baby, they just rest and heal, and this is the norm.  I just found an article about this practice coming to Canada, and I find it fascinating, the following phrase really gets to the point.

“We actually have a different phrase. It’s not ‘baby blues’, it’s ‘sit for a month,”‘ said Moy Wong-Tam, executive director of the centre, on Metro Morning on Friday.

Yesterday I met an amazing woman who is pregnant for the first time, and she works in homeopathy, oils, and has knowledge of acupuncture.  It was amazing to me that now she is going into a new realm blank, even with all of her knowledge, its a whole new experience and learning curve in pregnancy, into labor and birth.  She was telling me about oils that naturally help induction, and a spray that you put directly on top of the belly during the last month of pregnancy, and during labor, I am excited to hear about her experiences after she gives birth, I love learning new things.

My focus is new mothers and mother’s that want a different experience once they are pregnant again.  All of the internet and shows that you see show somebody else’s experience.  Even with each baby, it is completely different, we can plan and learn, but ultimately we have no control and have to trust.  Get a support system around us, go inward to a place of strength and innate knowledge that it has been done before and we know deep down exactly how to get through it.

Coach Yulia