It is interesting to me with all of the opinions about Israel, that a reporter from Al Jazeera online,, is in the West Bank now, and she keeps on saying that rocks and molotov cocktails are being thrown by the Palestinians, she says this quickly, and then goes on to say her own view of what is going on.  Each side has their experience, so I was so happy to see this article, about how both sides stopped, talked, and listened to each other.

I love learning about the lesson from the weekly portion of the Torah every week.  One of the most important lessons and ultimate goals is Shalom Bayit, which means peace in your own home, and how it affects everything inside and outside the home.  A friend of mine wrote this amazing article correlating this lesson with the conflict in Israel,

Shalom means Hello,

Shalom means Goodbye,

Shalom means Peace,

May we keep an open communication,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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