Important to trust yourself when something feels off, and let your kids trust and listen to themselves too

I always talk about how important it is to take a day off, and to turn off, because in our overstimulated world, we are always connected, there is no balance.  We have to make a choice, a decision, make time, make an effort to carve out time just for ourselves, whether it is for exercise or for a vacation.

I am talking about a different kind of off, the one where you just don’t feel like yourself, I am having one of those mornings today.  I woke up early to use the restroom and felt dizzy when I got up, and a bit nauseous, there are definitely no more babies for me, so maybe it was something I ate.  I have been taking it easy all morning, originally had plans to exercise, but when the body is saying I need a break, I need to rest, I need to recover, we also need to listen.  We need to get into a mind and body connection, where we challenge and motivate ourselves, but also pay attention when something is really off.  It makes no sense to keep on pushing yourself during an exercise if you are in any danger of injuring yourself, there should be no actual pain or discomfort, something is wrong.  When you are doing exercises correctly, in the right form and alignment, and activating your core, it is a good kind of workout sore, but never pain.

So I have been letting myself just be, I have a meeting at noon, I had some oatmeal, feeling a little better, but really tired. Sometimes when we do not feel so good, the body is using its energy to heal and repair, and I do not want to interfere with that process.  I have a couple of classes to teach tonight, so until the kids get out of school, I just plan to take it easy today.

I love looking up definitions, and I was cracking up at all the different meanings of OFF, check out the last one below!

Have a great day and Feel Good!

Coach Yulia

  1. away from the place in question; to or at a distance.
    “the man ran off”
  2. so as to be removed or separated.
    “he whipped off his coat”
  1. moving away and often down from.
    “he rolled off the bed”
  2. situated or leading in a direction away from (a main route or intersection).
    “single wires leading off the main lines”
  1. characterized by someone performing or feeling worse than usual; unsatisfactory or inadequate.
    “even the greatest athletes have off days
  2. (of food) no longer fresh.
    “the fish was a bit off”
    synonyms: rotten, bad, stale, moldy, sour, rancid, turned, spoiled, putrid,putrescent;

    “the fish was a bit off”

  1. the half of the field (as divided lengthways through the pitch) toward which the batsman’s feet are pointed when standing to receive the ball.

    kill; murder.
    “she might off a cop, but she wouldn’t shoot her boyfriend”

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