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Today in California we changed our clocks back one hour, and at this point, I am really wishing it could be an hour later to put the kids to bed.  Thank God we are all feeling good, but because of the weather or people around, we all have some stuffy noses and coughs, luckily nothing worse than that.  Part of me wanted to go out last night, and another part of me knew I had to take care of me and stay home, and also take care of my little one, he is ok, just a little off.

We had a fun day of birthday parties, two to be exact, and my kids had a blast, and I am just exhausted, a day full of parents hanging out and eating as the kids are entertained and have fun, what a great thing to get tired from.  My night is not over, I still have a class to teach, so I am browsing online, and trying to scan my brain on what I want to express tonight.

I read an amazing article this weekend on how Israel is a pioneer in water, saving water, reusing water, agriculture, and now the world is in trouble, watching, and wanting to learn.  I thought these were some amazing tips on how to save water, and through this link you can read some of the other articles, like the amazing way they grow watermelons,

Even Israel’s neighbor’s are voting for Israel,

See Below,

Hopefully it is the beginning of more to follow,

Coach Yulia

Wow. #Egypt’s representative at #UnitedNations voted on Friday in support of #Israel’s bid for membership of the #UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Affairs (#UNOOSA), Israeli media reported. Since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 and its acceptance to membership of the UN, Egypt had never voted in its favour at the UN before last Friday.

Afshine Emrani

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