I love to dress up

I get a kick out of the creative costumes that I see on Halloween, and the one above is a Yoga student of mine that is blonde and not pregnant, and her and her friend have totally pulled this off, bravo!  Since I am born in Russia and Jewish, Halloween was not on our radar, but I always love a party, and I love dressing up and acting like different characters, but I am not into the gore, horror, and I totally do not understand zombies.  My kids had fun at their school parties and parades yesterday, enjoy them below, my big boy as Ryu the street fighter, my gorgeous daughter decided to be a funny clown, notice the leggings, and my baby is the cutest spiderman.

I was never into trick or treating either, and nowadays knocking on strangers houses, and getting any kind of candy is kind of scary to me, and I am happy we are all not sweet tooths.  So the kids are in bed, we all had a nice relaxing Shabbat, and my husband and I were thinking of maybe going out, we have some places to go, but we feel so lazy.

Although I love big celebrations, I also love celebrating everyday just because.  So for all of you heading out tonight, have a great time.

Coach Yulia

IMG_7891ziona haloweenIMG_3533[1]

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