I am not talking about Beverly Hills.  In my observant Jewish life you hear this phrase over and over, Baruch Hashem, similar to Thank God, but deeper, blessing all the beautiful things in our life, grateful for the connection.  I always used to say Thank God, even before I met my husband, but now it really has a deeper meaning as I say BH.

Today I find my oldest son weaving Thank God into his sentences, and it makes me happy.  He also cracked me up the other day, we saw a picture of a super tall African-American basketball player, not sure who it was, I am not too familiar with sports, and he was wearing a doo rag, or handkershief around his head.  Since my son sees this type of head covering on the religious Jewish women of our community, called a tichel, he curiously asked,

“Why is that guy wearing a tichel?”

Love the bubble that we live in, all around us is Los Angeles life, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and beyond, but my kids and I are excited to celebrate Shabbat with our favorite new newlyweds, their unlce and new aunt, at their home.  We do partake in festivities, today their public school which has tons of Jewish kids, had a Halloween Parade, so we brought Kosher Pizza for the class party, they put on their costumes, and had a blast.

Love Being Surrounded By Everything,

Love Enjoying Our Own Peaceful Traditions,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

I love to crack up, and this is a funny costume, a realistic, super long, cvs receipt, HA!

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