Muslims and Christians for Israel


Powerful words from the Pope from this article,

Amazing when there is a choice and a decision,

Recognize Israel,

Work Together,

Just like the picture below,

Jews and Palestinians can work together.

Coach Yulia

Meet the #Jewish #doctor who saves #Palestinian attackers and the #Muslim doctor who saves Jewish victims!!! Ahmed Eid, 65, is a Muslim from the Galilee village of Dabburiya. Elchanan Fried, 41, is a Jew from Petah Tikva in central Israel. They both live in West Jerusalem. Thank you Angela Maddahi for the story!–israeli-and-palestinian–work-together-to-heal-wounds-of-war/2015/10/25/b8f62240-78c5-11e5-a5e2-40d6b2ad18dd_story.html?tid=sm_tw

Afshine Emrani

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