This is the message that I am getting over and over again everywhere I go, and it is definitely a sign that I am destined for great things.  I am excited for the possibilities, and am searching for my next piece of the puzzle, I am seriously tingling and full of happy energy right now.

Now that I have more free time I have been actively promoting myself, auditioning for Yoga studios, interviewing with Doula clients, donating my time to powerful causes, to give everybody a glimpse into Coach Yulia.  So at one of my auditions, I was explaining that I have my own business, and teach all over town, but do not have current specific personal training and group certifications anymore, and that I have been teaching for 15 years.  So the recruiter told me to never stop learning and growing, there is always something new coming along in the fitness world, and she is right, and I needed to hear it.

Today I was taking a Zumba class, and some of the students are also my Pilates and Yoga students, and they are so excited that I am also dancing with them.  One of the ladies is stunning, maybe in her 60’s, I do not ask, and physically beautiful, full of energy and style, and just a presence in the room.  She started giving me tips today on how to hold my body correctly while dancing.  I have never had professional training, but I have performed on stage, and have taken dance classes here and there.  Sometimes it is good to just listen, maybe it is a reminder, maybe to just make someone feel good to give advice, I appreciated her advice, and was watching my form more closely after her tip.

Just now I got off a phone call, I am at a point where I just want guidance on what is the next step in my career.  Usually it also affects who we are as a person, our own growth, stepping out of our comfort zone, trying new things, reaching new heights, and living our purpose in this world.  She was encouraging me to delve deeper into healing arts, all the different ways I can incorporate wellness and energy, into my Yoga, Doula work, and even post partum.  It was exciting to hear, it is new territory for me, I have many friends that are successfully making a living with their gifts and talents, and now it is my turn to find my power, and use it to be of service and help people feel good.

“The time will come when we will all look back and ask, ‘Did I do enough? Was there a place where I could have done more?” –

I am planning not to ask that question,

My goal is to always give 100%

Know that what I do is enough,

What I am is enough,

Let us all share our gifts, path, talents, and skills with world,

Coach Yulia

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