ISRAEL: Past, Present, Future


In the recent upheaval of the Israeli Prime Minister exposing how Hitler had a friend in the Muslim countries did on good thing.  Now everyone is trying to get facts about the Holocaust, and there is no question that it existed, it definitely happened.  It is interesting to me to keep learning about all the details, and how that big plan never came to be, Germany did not win, and the Jewish people are here to stay, just like Israel.

This is such an amazing story about a courageous Jewish woman in 1939 Germany, and how she is forever remembered, you can listen to it at the link below,


Maybe a song, a rap, a hip hop version of the current situation in Israel, and the countries all around that do not recognize Israel, and want to destroy it, will shed a light.


Israel is here to stay.

Until EVERY COUNTRY recognizes the right of Israel to exist, how can we move forward?

Coach Yulia

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