Everyone wants results instead of balance

Does this make sense to you?

I had a conversation today about probiotics, and how we definitely need everything out there, and cleanses are good and even medication is necessary in certain circumstances.  The rest of the time instead of seeking just results we should be seeking balance, and our own unique, personal balance. Nobody can tell you what that is, nobody can teach you what is right for you, sure we get inspired, we connect with people and situations, we really relate deeply, and it feels right, but then ask yourself, does it fit you?  Everything we put in our body affects us, how things come out of our body affects us, pay attention to details, be thankful when our amazing body works as it should, because when it does not you will definitely notice.  I love how my 83 year old Yoga teacher, Raghavan says,

“Bodily Functions Are A Pleasure, or Something Is Wrong.”

I had a beautiful day donating my time and sharing the work I love, and then spending time with family, celebrating new possibilities, a new future, new beginnings, reconnecting and staying close with extended family.  I have one more Yoga class to teach to one of my favorite couples.  I am blessed to be tired from a full day of good stuff.

I will leave you with a powerful quote, which describes a happy soul, and inner peace, a deep connection, love of self, everyone, and everything, all the ups and downs, it is all good.


“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”

― Warsan Shire

Coach Yulia

While #Israel suffers from a terrible week of terrorist attacks, #BDS supporters have a terrible week with Morgan Freeman visit and JK Rowling denouncing their cause. #BDSFail #IStandWithIsrael #WesternWall Afshine Emrani

More of these stories please.

Last week I made a post in order to find a stranger who stood up for me on a bus. Last night, I got to meet and thank this Good Samaritan and all round awesome dude – Firat!
The experience surrounding last weeks’ post has been a surprising and powerful one. I am grateful to all who helped make this meeting happen; as well as to the metropolitan police, who have been really supportive; most of all, I am grateful the many who shared their own stories. In this way, the post went far beyond one person speaking out for another in the microcosm of a 207 bus towards Acton. It became an international and intersectional discussion. For that, Firat and I agreed, we are both very thankful.Here’s to following Firat’s lead. Here’s to taking stands and saying something – on 207 buses and beyond.

— with Firat Ozcelik.

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