Love Joining An Amazing Cause, Join Us Too!

This Sunday, we ‪#‎RYDEoutside‬ for 3 HOURS in the first ➡ ⬅ Register on their site to RYDE 1, 2, or all three hours from 10-1 with Angelica, Mary, and Michael. We have a few bikes left! ☀ ‪#‎RYDE4‬ ‪#‎‎SantaMonica


So excited to be part of the amazing event above, teaching Yoga to the riders, and helping them stretch out before their ride.  Click on the link above to read all about it, and there are still a few bikes left!  I am mentally and physcially so pumped to just do what I love, and spread the knowledge, and encourage self love, appreciation, and acceptance.  Yoga is a an amazing counter balance to our non stop lives, and every type of workout.  Also being nice to yourself in Yoga gives your more benefits, results, a deeper stretch, and you really feel like you stepped off the world for an hour.

I feel very focused in my love of organization, I have been steadily going room by room, area by area, looking through every little piece of anything and everything that I find, and throwing so much away, feels so good, and now is looking so nice.  I had a nice relaxing Shabbat, had a nap once my husband took the kids to synagogue, and then joined them for lunch.

Grateful that this is my life,

Coach Yulia

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