Inward Happiness



Lately I have just been super silly, as I am teaching classes, things come out of my mouth in the wrong order, I realize it and tell the class that the fast forward button was pushed accidentally.  Happiness is my natural high, and it literally has me in a zone, and I want to stay there as much as I can.  Whenever I hear that things are tough, or listen to a story, I want to infuse the situation with a happy and positive view, it is the only way I know how to operate.  I left my neighbor’s house the other day and clumsily bumped into her gate, and told here it was also my happy zone, just has me feeling everything is always ok, each individual is ok, just be you, find you, express you, communicate you, be you, love you, and be happy to be you.

What I am talking about is Inward Happiness, not just being happy in circumstances and situations, or when you busy something new or get an award.  A sense of happiness, self-worth, having a purpose in this world, able to live and live off of that purpose, it is just such a high to know you are there.

My 83 year old Yoga teacher was telling us that he just came from a place where they teach Yoga, and the energy there was not happy, it was insecure, and searching, and not happy with themselves.  I always say I like to teach to people who are healthy and happy and want to stay that way, it is a choice.  Yes we all have different circumstances, and there are many resources for each individual situation.  My goal is to share positive energy, energy exchange, delve in deep and face ourselves, be ok with what is, know that working at something will help you figure it out, feeling good that you are there and on the right track, because any track is better than no track.  There is no perfect way, there is no one way, there is just your way.

Does any of this make sense?

This is what I want to raise my kids with,

A sense of Inward Happiness,

Coach Yulia

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