Side Effects

I Thank God every day for my good genes, literally, physically my parents passed on the good stuff, not only on the outside, which I am grateful for, but my inside works as it should.  Since I had babies, and years have passed, it is not as easy to stay in shape, it takes a lot more work. My philosophy is healthy and permanent, I am not looking for a quick fix with side effects. So many people I know have inside stuff that doesn’t work so good like constipation, other stomach problems, and without medication it is impossible for them to function.  I feel blessed that whenever my body is off I am finding natural ways to help things flow in the right direction, without medication, because I always feel invaded by the side effects.  I am so proud that my parents that are both in their 70’s have weaned themselves from all medications, they eat a balanced, nutritious variety of foods, and they exercise on a regular basis.  We also have happy genes, so that helps, and my family loves to sleep, which also is so important to help repair and restore the body.

Last year I had a severe sinus infection that really just brought me down, nothing helped, and before that I would buy over the counter allergy or antihistamine medication, but I felt a little relief, and the side effect did not let me sleep, and without sleep nothing gets fixed.  In my desperate situation to feel good, I discovered the Neti Pot, and it has been my friend ever since, google it, there are many demonstrations, and you can buy it in any drug store.  Any time I feel a headache, allergy symptoms, or my nose feels dry, I rinse it with the salt solution and I am literally clear for the rest of the day.  I love how unlike everything else we put in our body that stays in, with the Neti Pot something actually comes out, it is just water, once I tried it I was hooked, sometimes we have to get out of our heads, I try to avoid medication as much as I can.

I am also so happy that my digestive system, all the ins and outs work great, even though I have weight to lose, I have always been a balanced eater, my challenge is portion control.  In my journey to get healthy after three babies in a row will be a lifetime journey, the preventive maintenance of nutrition and exercise is a lifestyle, and in between we should indulge and live life.

So that is the physical point of side effects, and here is the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual point.  As an evolved, civilized society, we need to keep gathering information and make our own decisions.  I will keep stating the point that the bottom line of the conflict in the middle east is that the countries around Israel are calling for its demise, and until they decide to recognize Israel and move forward to live side by side, Israel has to stand firm and defend itself.  The video below makes a clear timeline, keep learning, keep spreading the truth.

Here is a great side effect, because of the unrest in Israel, there are great packages to go travel there and support the beautiful country that we love and that is our home,,7340,L-4713740,00.html.

Coach Yulia

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