Be Careful With Words

Words are so powerful, especially when the majority of people do not know the background, meaning, and history of words used to describe people, places, and situations.  The video above describes in detail what apartheid is and how it is a disgrace to use it incorrectly, because it takes away from what South Africa experienced and conquered.

Also the word Genocide, with all of the horror that has happened in our world in modern history, and even now with ISIS, be conscious when using this word, especially when not fully aware of facts, history, and truth.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always stood with Israel, unfortunately today he is misquoted by people who are anti-Israel,

Everyone talks about history,
How about we focus on what is happening and figuring out the future,
Admit Israel Exists,
Has A Right To Exist,
Then We All Can Move Forward.
Coach Yulia

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