What sets YOU apart?


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My main message in everything that I do is to create an environment where each person can figure out who they are, what feels right to them, trusting what their mind and body are communicating, and realizing there are no two people alike.  We are not meant to be robotic or mechanical, and even within ourselves, we are different everyday, some days we have tons of energy, and other days we are slow motion.

I have been enjoying my birthday week, it started Sunday October 11, and will end this Saturday, which is my Hebrew birthday, Daled Cheshvan. I am a Libra with Scorpio dressing, all of the months on the Jewish calendar are by the moon and correlate with an astrological sign, and the month of Cheshvan is Scorpio.

Not only are we all different from each other, but each day we look, feel, and act differently, depending on our mood, energy, health, and environment.  When doing a workout it is so important to check in where you are, not to push or overdue, really be present on what your body and mind needs.  I finally have the opportunity and no excuses to add workouts in the morning now that all of my kids are in school.  I teach classes at 24 Hour Fitness daily, so I look at the schedule and see what is before and after, and go for it.

Monday: Was more about getting organized, out with the old, clearing space for new things so I cleaned my closet

Tuesday: I did my favorite workout with low weights and high repetition, Bodypump, it is full body and focused on form and alignment.  I am still feeling it two days later, in every nook and cranny, in a good way 🙂

Wednesday: I am not a big fan of cardio, and I love classes instead of working out solo, did a Zumba class, love to dance, and that my brain is busy with following the steps not noticing how the hour flies by and I am sweaty all over.  Even with being sore from the weight class the day before, since it was a completely different work out, I felt it, but it was fine, modified if I needed to, stayed present on what my body needed.

Thursday: Today I am going to let my body rest, and do some Zumba tomorrow morning before teaching Yoga, instead I am treating myself to a birthday Facial with Dina Gordon, she is the expert in our community, so excited,


My philosophy is we are all different, lets learn about each other, embrace our similarities and differences, live together, support each other, speak our truth, stand tall and proud, know our roots, be an example, be a light, leave room for everyone around you to express themselves in their own way

I found an amazing organization which educates the public about Israel,

It is worth watching, see the video below,

Especially if you do not know both sides,

Let’s learn about each other,

Coach Yulia

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