Listen to both sides of the Israel/Palestine Conflict

I am trying to listen to everything I can to really understand what is happening right now in Israel.  This broadcast is a great starting point, gives all sides of the situation. Anybody that wants to know the history, issues, and thoughts from both sides should stop and listen.

From what I understand, the Palestinian children are taking things into their own hands for many reasons.  Even though nothing has changed on the Temple Mount, only Muslims can pray, Jews can just visit, Jews pray at the Western Wall, their leaders are encouraging them to fight and attack innocent civilians.

Even Palestinian voices are against the violence,

Huffington Post has an article that also talks about both sides, saying that we both live there now, so we have to figure out how to coexist without violence.

On both sides there are amazing heroes like in the picture below,

Coach Yulia

#Hero and angel! #Arab doctor saves #Jewish life.#Peace through medicine. Professor #AhmedEid,Hadassah Hospital Ein Karem head of surgery is an Arab surgeon in Jewish Israel!

Dr. Eid, an Israeli-Arab Muslim, saved the life of the 13-year-old Jewish boy who was stabbed by two Palestinian teens multiple times. He said to The Times of Israel “I feel part of this state, and I get irritated with those who doubt it…I am Israeli and I don’t need to prove it. It’s presented as a dilemma: We’re Arabs, how do we feel? My loyalty to the state is in no doubt….Most of the problems can be solved through discussion. People are indoctrinated. It’s an abuse of religion.”



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