Yesterday was Perfect for Yesterday

I had fun last night with my husband and friends for my birthday festivities, and during the day I just wanted to relax with the kids.  A friend who was also celebrating a birthday asked us to join them at their pool, it was a perfect for our extreme heat wave that we are having in Los Angeles.

Each day is new, different focus, different message, yesterday was just enjoying wishes and memories from my family and friends that I have met throughout my life. Today is about jumping back on my mission of inspiration and light, spreading my truth, and standing tall and proud.

My Hebrew birthday is coming up this weekend, and it is the lesson of Noah’s Ark, I was happy to read that the message as usual is exactly pertinent to our world today:

 Shariff Mordechai Hazan

The building of Noah’s Ark – is a pretty clear indicator from the creator, that all humans/individuals on earth. Have the ability to save/improve the world as long as they’re following God’s instructions.

Just think about it: after the flood, Noah descendants repopulated planet Earth. Which means- every human on planet Earth has some of Noah’s DNA.
Which gives all of us the genetic memory in our DNA from an ancestor (Noah) with all the information and ability to save all of humanity.

Interesting enough, the Kabbalist say – just by reading the portion of Noah this week. We awaken the part of our genetic memory connected to Noah.

The catch is… you have to have the desire to change/save/improve the world. In order to awaken that part of your genetic (Noah) memory by reading the Torah portion this week.

The headlines in the New York Times, LA Times, and Wall Street Journal ignore all of the stabbing attacks that have been flooding Israel, and instead focus on the attackers that have been killed in self defense, disgusting!

The ‪#‎StopIncitement‬ should be yelled at biased liars like The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times who twist the news to create more friction between ‪#‎Israelis‬ and ‪#‎Palestinians‬, ‪#‎Jews‬ and ‪#‎Arabs‬! This type of reporting is a disgrace to ‪#‎journalism‬, to the victims and to those who are working hard toward peace. They give voice to terrorist ‪#‎Hamas‬ activists shot by Israeli police, (cropping out part where they stab civilians!) They ignore Israeli hospitals, doctors and nurses who are treating the assailants! This so-called news not only fuels the fire and infuriates Israelis and Jews all over the world, but also worsens the plight of peace loving Palestinians who get labeled as terrorists Arabs. We need responsible journalism- there is plenty of manure around!

It’s crazy, just google stabbing, and automatically you will see all types of articles about the horror in Israel, here is the truth,

I get inspired daily by people that post truth, and this is the basic truth of people thinking they know the truth from media, and it is not so:

Ádìsá Ájámú
Many people confuse information for knowledge, but there is a fundamental distinction to be made between the two. Information is merely gathering and organizing facts; Knowledge is the correct and pragmatic application of acquired information—Knowledge is the product of what you do with you have learned

Reading lots of books on Feminism, Marxism, Afrocentrism or culture or history or spirituality is gathering information; building institutions, living ones life with increased consistency, developing healthy social relations based on acquired information and applying that information intelligently to living, loving and building is a form of knowledge.

We have as a society increased our access to information, without increasing our knowledge–we are a more informed society, but not necessarily a more knowledgeable one. Which is why morality is always playing catch up to technology.

— Àdisà

Gather Your Facts,

Come To Your Own Conclusions,

Am Yisroel Chai,

Coach Yulia

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