Feeling my best at 43

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When I turned 40, I just had my third child in a row a few months before.  Just now, three years later, I am feeling like myself again. The kids are all in school, I get to do what I love, and focus on getting healthy inside and outside.

I am so grateful for these three things:




I feel that every person is composed of those three parts, and depending on all those factors, it determines how we operate in this world.  Some people have such a strong soul that they persevere through such physical and environmental challenges and inspire everyone around them.  Other people have it all, but something in their soul feels incomplete, and without help, they feel stuck and unhappy.

Thank you to my amazing parents that gave me healthy genes, and raised me with unconditional love and support.  I know my soul is strong, but along with their guidance, and letting me be the free spirit that I am, I am able to reach my full potential, and keep thriving.

At the root of it all are two things:

Happiness –  I see everything in a positive light, there is always a lesson, there is nothing that cannot be overcome.

Trusting my gut – Whatever you call it, the source, God, The Universe, The Law of Attraction, I trust it completely, 100%

Excited for the year ahead,

Happy Birthday To Me!

Coach Yulia

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