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Somebody asked me today if I still write my blog daily, and another person listening said, you must not be reading it if you have to ask.  I was telling her that probably she has so many friends on her social media that my posts are not popping up as often, and I also told her that writing my blog daily keeps me sane, which is the truth.

I guess we all have our own unique ways to release, balance, communicate, and take care of ourselves.  A young girl who is getting married was asking me for advice, and I told her what my mother told me, it has to be four things:

  • Physical
  • intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

If one of the connections is missing, it will not fit as good, and makes things harder, life is not easy, when the four connections fit, you really get through everything together.  In my last blog I wrote about choosing to be happy, and somebody replied about some people not having a choice because of a chemical imbalance.  I know nothing about this, and cannot comprehend how challenging it is to live with.  I hear friends talking about feeling like they are missing out on life, and having panic attacks. One of my good friends calls me a normie, because I do not understand the state of being out of control, depression, or anxiety, and doing anything to hurt myself.  She has been in therapy, and has really grown and thrived, and I admire her very much for facing her challenges head on.  There are support groups and family, but ultimately it is a personal choice, maybe I really just do not know.  One person I know told me that her family told her to get on medication, because it runs in their family, and she lives a very healthy, full life with her husband and child.  I guess my brain always feels there are options, and with an imbalance it may feel like there are none, I admire and respect everyone’s journey, and hope that they seek out support and help that they need.

Everyday there is a challenge,IMG_3526[1]

That is how life goes,

Especially with a family and children,

What helps me stay on the happy side is to be grateful for my kind of problems,

Thank God For My Family and My Life,

All of our holidays are done,

Ready for Reality,

Waking up at 4am tomorrow to be part of a promotion for 24 Hour Fitness,

Ready For The World,

Had a blast over indulging and celebrating,

Now ready for the work I love and to get in the best shape of my life,

Coach Yulia

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