Tragedy and Progress


It is scary that in one instant everything could change, I keep on hearing the stories, you can google it, the recent mass shooting, the horror of orphaned children in Israel as well as other innocent victims.  A few people I know have recently had health problems that came out of nowhere, Thank God they are doing well because immediate action was taken.  It is hard for me to process tragedy, my brain does not understand hurting innocent people for no reason, people that have done nothing to deserve it, just going on about their life.  All we can do is be the example of good, live it, breathe it, model it, so that is what people see as the norm, and all of these horrible crimes do not keep happening.

The only progress I have to report is my own, because ultimately the only thing we can do is be an example and grow within ourselves, we cannot convince anyone of anything, everything has to be a good fit and at the right time.  There are two ladies in their 50’s or older, I honestly do not know and cannot tell, they come to my Pilates class on a regular basis as well as other workouts.  I finally am scheduling in Zumba classes for myself, because to me cardio is boring, and if I could keep my brain busy with dance moves and enjoy dancing in the process, its a perfect fit for me.  They take Zumba regularly as well and have been encouraging me to come, they are the example of health, energy, beauty, and fun.  I love to learn from everyone around me, we are all unique and have something to give to this world that nobody else can.

In our Jewish celebrations, we are remembering the orphaned children and the victims of senseless crimes, my heart goes out to their families.  Makes me appreciate my family and life even more, so grateful for everything that I have and everything I am able to do.

Make Progress With Yourself,

You May Affect And Inspire The World Around You,

Do You Take Action Or Document? Check out the story below,

Coach Yulia

Caught on Camera

The accident was caught on camera, and so was the aftermath. Two tractor trailers collided last Friday on an overpass of a busy highway here in Atlanta, and plunged over the side rail unto another highway that crossed below it. Several people were injured yet miraculously and thankfully there were no fatalities.

Within a few hours video began to surface of the horrific scene.

First came video from traffic and surveillance cameras mounted on nearby buildings and highway lampposts. The videos showed a bird’s eye view of the moment of initial impact followed by the scene of the trucks falling off the side of the highway.

Then came the videos from below that really got me thinking.

As the tractor trailers plunged onto the lower highway, smashing some passing cars as they fell, dozens of people stopped and got out of their vehicles.

Some got out to try and assist the people trapped inside the cars and trucks before help could arrive, and others got out to take videos of the scene.

Some used their cell phones to call for help, others used their phones to record the help.

Caught on their cameras were amazing and inspirational scenes of regular people instantly being transformed into good Samaritans and life saving angels.

I wondered what went through the minds of the second group of people as they filmed others stepping up to the plate when they were needed most.

I wondered what I would do had I been driving along when this happened.

Then I remembered something that my principal in high school once taught me, and which had made a tremendous impact on me at the time. “Always remember that the one that takes the picture is not in the picture”

It is a choice we make. We encounter opportunities on a daily or weekly basis which we can either observe, chat and gossip about, or we can act and try to make a difference.

We can either take the picture or be in it.

I would rather be ‘caught on camera’ sharing goodness and kindness than be ‘caught up on my camera’ filming it.

Today in Israel, two men were killed in the old city (the wife and 2-year-old baby of one were both injured). Two children were shot in a city in Israel called Lod. On the front page of the New York Times website, this is a footnote (feel free to try and find it in the image). Whenever Israel will decide to respond, it will be blared on the front page of every outlet with a small note about how this may have been partly to due to attacks that have been happening now, almost daily, in Israel. A few days ago, Netanyahu stared in silence during an address to the UN, referring to their silence when Iran declared that it would destroy Israel within 25 years. When I watched that, I felt like he was staring at the world, not just those representatives. We here in America, those in Israel, who feel the pain of our brothers, now it’s our turn to stare. Will the world continue to be quiet, not uttering a word, until Israel decides that it is its turn to act? –POP CHASID


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