Proud To Be A Jew


I love my traditions, I love the way I live my life, it is balanced, healthy, and full of meaning and purpose.  Here are my fellow Jews following in the traditions of their ancestors in the picture above, building a Sukkah underwater, Go IDF!

Here is an example of an observant fashion designer that is making modest fashion the talk of the town,,7340,L-4706052,00.html

Even the Cannes Film Festival in France is recognizing Jewish spirit, moving forward and always hoping for a better future,

I am so proud of the Prime Minister of Israel in the video below,

Speaking The Truth,

Educating the United Nations about Israel,

When you stand up for Israel, you stand up for peace, kindness, and balance in the world,

Most of all I love Shabbat,

Signing off after my Zumba class,

There are times when we are non stop,

There is one day when everything stops,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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