ARASYS got me over my plateau!

Not there yet, but on my way, Thank You Arasys! Now I can really get the results with good nutrition and exercise 🙂

I am on my way thanks to Arasys Inch Loss, my body was stuck and now I am over the plateau and excited to get back in tip-top shape.  I have never had a completely flat stomach, even when I was in the best shape of my life at 30 years old.  After three babies in a row my skin got stretched and cellulite got caught inside, and no matter what I did, everywhere else was getting lean, my stomach area was not budging an inch.

I was 130 at my wedding at 34 years old, in the last 8 years I have had three children, they are now 7,5, and 3, and they each gave me a gift of 10 pounds.  I am lucky to have weight evenly distributed so I do not look humongous, but that 160 would not change no matter what I did.  I eat healthy, I am always active, tried running, two months of gym cardio, and a variety of other workouts, I looked and felt good, but the number on the scale did not change.

I feel that sometimes we are stuck, so its important to get reset, just like going to a chiropractor, or even getting a massage, put the body where it should be, and then from there it moves more effectively.  You can read more about Arasys at, which does three things:

  • Strenghten and Lean Muscle (a 30 minute session is equivalent to 530 situps, without compromising form and no soreness or pain)
  • Breaks up cellulite, Drains through the Lymphatic system to detoxify the body (non invasive, works naturally with the body)
  • Tightens Skin (YES! you read it right, there is nothing else out there that simultaneously firms skin as well as a healthy workout)

Come try it for yourself!  I can come to your home or office, give everybody a FREE demo, I now have lost 5 pounds that is gone forever.  I have been enjoying many celebrations in the last month, and nothing changes on the scale, my digestive system is working perfectly, and nobody asks me if I am pregnant anymore.  I am working on 20 more pounds, I will be happy at 135, I am strong with lean muscle thanks to my workouts, and I am happy to be lean and firm.  Now I know all the right stuff I am doing with nutrition and exercise will finally start working because I got over my plateau with Arasys.

Thank You Arasys!

Taking my three kiddos to more celebrations,

Come join us for the fun in the flyer below,

Chag Sameach,

Coach Yulia

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