One of my favorite quotes is “excess once in a while is moderation.”  The Jewish holidays are non stop food, days off from the world, and celebration, and I am exhausted and full, Thank God they are once in a while.  Already had a Yoga class this evening, helped a friend out to substitute, and it just feels so good to instruct students how to feel good.

We had such an amazing Sukkot with friends, everywhere you go in our community you see all kinds of little huts with different decorations, laughter, and delicious smells as we walk by.  There is a few days in between before the final days of the holiday, excited to do what I love, do some exercise,and make some room for the final feasts and celebrations starting Sunday night.

My plan in the morning:

9:30am take a Zumba class

10:30am, 4:30pm, and 6:30pm Teach a Yoga class

Tons of errands in between,

Luckily kids will be in school,

My kids are super affectionate and friendly with everyone,

So important to teach them boundaries,

Great tips in the pic below,

Life is Good,

Coach Yulia

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