Everything is Connected

My Yoga teacher tells us this wisdom, and it makes sense to me, being present and at peace takes work, focus, and time. Invest in yourself, find your breath, teach yourself and your children you can bring yourself to a calm and present mindset, it just takes practice.

This morning I started off with some work, had a new friend and client try out the Arasys Inch Loss system, you can read more about it at www.coachyulia.com/arasys-inch-loss, get a group of friends together and I will come to you for everybody to try a demo!  I am excited that the five pounds that I lost are not coming back and either are the 6 inches, still some more to go, but I would rather it be a non invasive process that is permanent and takes time, than an unhealthy quick fix.  No soreness, no pain, no creams, just results.

Many Jewish holidays fall on new seasons, full moons, special moons, eclipses, and solstice. Tonight is the first night of Sukkot,


It is also a blood super moon, check out the scientific details in the video below.

I love how everything is connected, after all we are made from particles and minerals, and are connected to the stars and all the nature around us, we are made up of the same stuff. Sukkot is a time of reconnecting to nature, the harvest, and each other.  We can all take a lesson from it and take it into our daily lives.

Chag Sameach

Coach Yulia

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