You Are Enough

This was the Los Angeles sunset tonight, it caught my eye, I had to stop what I was doing and take a look.  Luckily somebody took the amazing picture you see above, and he also posted something so powerful about children:

As a child, I was told that each before ‪#‎YomKippur‬ year I should ‪#‎apologize‬ to my parents for my mistakes and ask for ‪#‎forgiveness‬. As an adult, and as a parent, I now realize that we wound children, unknowingly, unintentionally, and regularly. When we ask for forgiveness from our ‪#‎children‬ for hurting them, they realize their own significance, that we care, and that it is OK to say “I’m sorry.”

It really got me thinking about raising kids, daily discipline, constantly saying no or do not touch, or even telling the kids, that is not right, let me fix that for you, parents know best, just do it.  I remember taking a psychology class in my first year in college, and the professor called children, little people, and I have never forgotten that lesson.  I think that is why it is challenging for me to teach children, because I do not want to shut them off or shut them up, I want them to live in wonder and joy, never rest, be the full of life, loving creatures that they are meant to be.

We should try to praise and recognize as much as we instruct and reprimand.  I am definitely apologizing to all three of my children tomorrow before the Yom Kippur fast begins.  Asking forgiveness and forgiving is freedom and power, it is yours for the taking, give yourself a second chance, do Teshuva,

I am enough,

I will empower my children to make mistakes, and keep learning, they are enough,

You are enough,

Asking forgiveness for anyone that I have wronged this year,


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