What We Do, They Do

Every Saturday my children know there are certain things we do not do, and it is such a relief and a break that they do not even ask.  We do not watch TV, so they do not ask for a show, we do not go on the computer, they do not go near it, we do not touch our phones, they do not want to take it from us to look at pictures.  I am so grateful that my kids know the concept of no electronics, no distractions, no obsession, and as long as I could, I know they are small and it is a different world, but I will not get them tablets or phones, it is unnecessary, they do not need it, and knowing my kids, they would never put it down.

I love my break, but as soon as it is over, I cannot wait to jump on the computer, check my phone, and get connected to the world. I love being connected, I love being non stop, and I am so blessed that I have a scheduled stop every week, and it will never change, nothing will interfere, it is so important to stop.

Feeling Rested,

Ready For The World,

Excited For Holiday Fun,

Coach Yulia

                                                                           Join my kids and I for tons of fun!

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