Problem Solver

This is just truth, this is how we are with our family, unconditional love, and figure it out mentality.  Now with my own family, there is a life sentence mentality, I tell my husband there is no way out!  Sometimes I am too much of a problem solver and could be a better listener.  I used to have a room mate that was sharing with me a story about our friends, and I told her that I didn’t care to hear about it, and it was not my problem.  At first she could not believe that I said that, but then she understood that I was just keeping myself in a positive place, and things that didn’t concern me were kept out on purpose.

Back to the problem solving, its all about staying in my happy place, but when action is needed, I immediately snap out of the bubble, and do what has got to be done.  No emotion, thinking, analyzing, or debating, just getting things handled, especially with kids, you never know what will happen from one moment to the next.

Concerning myself, I take a more easygoing approach, I know working on myself is a lifelong process, and I want to keep learning, growing, and focusing on my health, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.  I was so happy to take a Yoga class with my 83 year old teacher, and to find that poses that were challenging for me with my extra weight and belly, are flowing much nicer now that I am losing it.  It is a combination of Yoga, Pilates, a mix of cardio and weights, and Arasys.

Yoga helps the body have a preventive maintenance tune up, inside and out.  Not only are the muscles, joints, and core getting some action, but all of the inside organs and body systems are getting a massage when we twist and squeeze into it, as well as toxin release through the lymph system with movement of every part of the body.

Pilates on the floor and on the machines helps the mind and body connect to the core muscles, which are the center of everything, all the power should come from there all of the time.  On the machines especially you can set your body in a certain position, and have amazing range of motion, lengthening and working every inch of the body.  Check out, they offer the first session FREE!

Cardio is necessary for heart health, and weights are important for lean muscle, burning fat, and bone health, as well as a nice toned look.

Arasys helps tighten skin, break up cellulite, and a 30 minute session is equivalent to 530 situps!  Get your friends together for a demo party, check it out at  Contact or 323.377.0707, and find out how you can target any area of the body and take it to the next level, beyond exercise.  Especially for the mommies, sometimes stretched skin and cellulite need that extra boost when exercise and nutrition alone is not enough.  It has been around for 20 years, no side effects, no pain, by the inventor of the pace maker, just results.

Love Being The Best Version Of Myself,

Love To Keep Working On Myself,

There Is No Perfect, There Is Just You,

Coach Yulia



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