Are You Happy?

I am so lucky to be surrounded by people who are working on themselves every day and striving to have a meaningful and happy life.  Every time somebody asks me how am I doing, most of the time my answer is that I am grateful and everything is all good, and that is really the truth.  Of course there is no such thing as perfect, and there are challenging things that happen 24/7, and although hard stuff may get me in the moment, I choose to move on and focus on the big picture.  Thank God my kids are full of energy, healthy, independent, and full of life, and that is what is hard to keep up with, and nothing else.

We just had two days of celebrations, so much fun, time with family, friends, and with our community, wishing each other health, happiness, success, love, and a wonderful year ahead. Every step of the way my kids were all over me, not wanting to go, not wanting not to go, even during the blowing of the shofar, I tried my best to tune out the whining all around me.

Then in the next moment, I felt grateful for the whine, and the good problems that I have in my life, the shofar made me present, I enjoy it so much.  We had lunch today with a wonderful family, that had three different people come over and blow the shofar again for the people who were not able to go to synagogue, those who are sick, or home cooking the meal. I am so happy my kids know this sounds, know what it means, and are excited to hear it every year, read more about it,

Being Present Keeps Me Sane,

Being Present Keeps Me Happy,

Are You Happy?

Enjoy My Amazing 100 Year Old Grandmother,

She Gave Us All Happy Genes,

Grateful For Her Positive Outlook On Life,

My Mom Wrote A Song About All Her Children, Grand Children, And Great Grand Children,

The Whole Family Sang Along,

Coach Yulia

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