My Brain is Still Processing

This mother business is a doozy, each soul we bring into this world and raise is a completely different energy and individual.  The list above is just a morsel of the whole shebang, and the only way I stay sane is finding the happiness and lesson in every moment.  My happy bubble is sometimes unrealistic, I love living in my world of rose colored glasses, and when it gets popped, I quickly spring into action to restore my peace and the reality that I choose.

That is what my kids keep on hearing over and over when there are tantrums, dissatisfaction, or not wanting to participate, I tell them it is a choice to be upset or to enjoy it.  It doesn’t always work, and the tantrum has to pass, and my husband’s aunt just told me that her pediatrician said when a tantrum begins to just leave the room.  It is not easy for me to do that because the kids are all over me 24/7, on me, holding my hand, sometimes grabbing my clothes, there is no escape, so all I can do is stay in my bubble of happiness, ignore until it passes.

Yesterday’s episode in the pool had me thinking about timing, and how important it is in every situation.  In marriage, meeting the right person, even any situation in life, it is all about timing.  In dangerous situations the timing is everything, one minute extra and it could change the whole scenario, action has to be taken immediately.  In the life we live today, we always feel we need to be organized, have control, plan, set goals, and always move towards the future.  Of course it is important, but staying present saves lives, staying present brings joy and consciousness, staying present keeps us calm, mindful, and balanced.

My friend and I were talking about mindfulness, it is a science, studied in universities all over the world.  It is similar to meditation, but it is mostly about awareness, and being fully present when you are doing daily tasks, or just relaxing in a chair, and fully relaxing in the chair, not letting the mind literally run you ragged.  When I teach Yoga, or when I am supporting a laboring mom as her Doula, my mind and energy is in the moment, there is no other thoughts, my kids and work are the furthest thing from my mind,  I trust and feel what is needed in the moment, and I feel recharged, I love the energy exchange.

Be Present My Friends,

It will bring happiness into your life,

It will save lives,

Letting it Go,

Moving On,


Coach Yulia

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