It’s Happening, Take Two


I wrote most of this blog this morning, but was waiting to get this picture since yesterday, it was taken when I first saw my grandmother.  We had a beautiful potluck, 26 people, a delicious cake, took some photos and then just hung out.  When I got back to my computer, what I wrote was gone. The picture above was texted to my phone and didn’t want to transfer into my computer, it wasn’t going through when I emailed it, and FINALLY, it just came through, and I am trying to remember what I wrote this morning before the celebration.

Everything was beautiful, she was beautiful, didn’t change at all since we saw her at 95.  Enjoyed getting to talk to everyone, kids played nicely, and now so happy to be headed towards home.  One more stop tomorrow at a childhood friend for a labor day party, and then to stay with my husband’s family.

Ready For Home Sweet Home,

Not Easy With Kids,

Glad We Did It,

Now Ready For School, Work, and Routine,

Coach Yulia

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